​​​​Empowerment is what constitutes our Mode of Standard.   - Shawn Eaglin, Co-Founder

Failures are the gateway to life’s successes, not the end.   -Ashley Harris, Co-Founder

Mogul On The Move(M.O.M.) Medicinal- was founded in order to provide Wellness products for the Woman on the Move; a more Natural alternative treatment choice vs traditional medicines, that will help alleviate Anxiety, Stress & Pain. The most Paramount Mission is to Educate & Empower the Busy & Engaged Professional Woman regarding the importance of not conforming to anything less than their Own...Personal...Credence!

Our Client is Top Priority... Integrity and the Art of Negotiation is my Mode of Standard.  - Your Realtor, Shawn Eaglin

M.O.M. Medicinal

​​Mogul On The Move

Specializing in Medicinal Products, Business and Real Estate